At the age of 50, I received a gift of life – I fell in love with the world of photography.

My specialization in psychic life as a “Lacanian psychoanalyst” and the study of my cultures as a world tour guide, as experiences over the years as two parallel life lines that often contradicted each other.
Traveling around the world forced me to close the clinic for episodes.

And on the other hand, sitting in the clinic without going out into space was inadequate. Photography moved me because in its spaces I finally found an integration to these two loves and pursuits in my life.

The humanistic ethos is at the center of my work. I focus on street photography, documentary photography and cultural photography.
Going out again and again into the unknown and surprised by what was recorded in me through the camera, a process and adventure similar to what happens to me in the clinic together with the patient.

I discovered that for me photography is a multi-layered journey between the human psyche and interpersonal relationships, and the study of historical and geographical cultures.
I am curious about the story behind the subject and its cultural context and create a connection and closeness with it.

During the corona period and the closures, a project I initiated in photography entered the vacuum.
I set up with another partner, a venture that connects cultural research and geography.
We created workshops in the Bedouin communities in the Judean Desert, meetings with the Sufis and Circassians in the Galilee and in the Druze villages In the Golan Heights and the Galilee.
When the sky reopened, we set out to guide abroad as well, with an emphasis on Southeast Asia.


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